You Are My Constant | Snoqualmie Newborn Photographer

This job couldn’t get any better! Seriously!

Being in the Valley, meeting the most lovely people, photographing births, newborns and families, I mean honestly, what more could one ask for!

Sweet Simone, so precious, so tiny, so loved. This session was so relaxed, maybe because this is a seasoned family, it is not their first rodeo and have already faced the challenges of bringing baby home and all the gitters and worry that comes with a first born. Or maybe it was because we are connected for life, one can’t help but feel that way once you have already spent 24hrs with them while documenting their birth story. Whatever it is, it was such pleasure to send a couple of hours with them again capturing the organic, real life moments as they unfolded.

Their house is not void of silliness, adventures or love. Big brother is absolutely the correct title. he fits every description. He is a big helper, a protector, and so in love. He is also curious, silly and hours of entertainment. He has a soft spot for his sister and you see how proud he is to be a big brother.

Life as a family of four is a challenge, it is a balancing act. Each person, as an individual makes this family whole. I honestly think every family should have a motto, a phrase they live by, a touchstone. This family embodies theirs. "You are my constant". It was evident to me, even from the first time that I met that them their connection is deep, it is unwavering, it is constant. What a gift they are giving to their children, to each other. The security in knowing that, no matter what, they are constant. I just love it so much.

Everything about this sweet girl is perfect. From her tip of her head to her itty toes. These two images just warm my heart. Safely snug in the embrace of her Mom and Dad. This tiny, squishy little life has been loved since the moment they knew she was on her way to them. And through her journey from there to earthside she has been thought of, dreamt about and a space held for her. She is powerful, she is mighty, she is empowered. Even in this tiny vulnerable season of life she is elevated and I am so glad that we will forever be connected. I cannot wait to see who she becomes.


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